don’t you hate when you’re driving and the car in front of you is soooo slow but then you pass them and you see that a snail was driving and you’re like “oh that makes sense now”

Girls go absolutely nuts when they think someone likes them. they should stop because it looks so embarrassing when a guy kind of thinks a girl is hot and then she tells him that he’s crazy stupid in love w/ her. Like wow, look what the human race has to put up with

Is every single unemployed person in a band?

Do people still freak the fuck out at people being gay? Because that happened, it was weird

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When I don’t like people I get embarrassed for them because of their face

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i think i’ll just leave my phone in my pants and hope that it vibrates

tj made nachos and they smell like heaven and i can’t have any i hate life

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the gameboy advance sp was so beautiful

It is horrifying that my body has the capacity to create a human. All it needs it the smallest, tiniest, microscopic bit of boy batter, then a new human begins

what am i doing? is this a nightmare? wakeup wakeup wakeup




Let’s show up uninvited to a public place! #anarchy

leave avril alone

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